Monday, October 27, 2014

“Seasons of Life” Exhibit at the Peninsula Art Institute

“A Time for Herself”, 24"x24", © 2014 Rebecca Lambing
It’s been a great summer full of travel and good memories! We thoroughly enjoyed my daughter’s last months at home before leaving for her freshman year of college at UCLA. We know all too well how much will change after Hannah gains her independence in the next few months with so many new experiences and responsibilities. She’s settling in, doing well, and loving it. Isaac has also returned to school for his final year of studies. It sure is quiet around here.

So for me the “Seasons of Life” theme for the upcoming Peninsula WCAs group show at the Peninsula Art Institute’s gallery has hit home. As official “empty nesters” it’s the season of change at our house. This is our time to focus on building relationships at home while continuing to support our kids from a distance. It’s a time to go inward and learn more about ourselves, as well. “A Time for Herself” explores just that... things have slowed down and demands have lightened. There is now time to think about all the great things that this life is about and how to make the rest of it just get better and better. The quiet probably won’t last for long, but she’s going to enjoy it for now!

I hope you can make it to view the artwork that will be up from November 20th through January 4th at the PAI gallery in Burlingame, California. There will be 16 local peninsula artists displaying unique pieces that show what “Seasons of Life” means to them. Click on the “Current Shows” tab above to see more details of the exhibit.