Friday, May 3, 2013

Reflections on Recent Months

"Photographer Study 2", 10" x 8",  © Rebecca Lambing
January came and went. Then February... March... April... and a lot of painting got done around here! As of yesterday, over two dozen of my paintings are officially displayed at the Foster City Art Gallery. It was an even larger undertaking than I had imagined, though such a rewarding one!

I was reminded of how much I enjoy being absorbed by a long-term project and the feeling of satisfaction when the end is reached. Yes, I was a bit of a recluse for awhile. Joe was awesome about stepping in with dinners, etc when needed, which was often. Having him home full-time isn't the best for cash-flow, but wonderful for support.

My work has changed a lot over the last several months, yet remains my own. These changes are inevitable when I've put so much energy into the effort. I'll call it progress. I know it will continue to expand as I persevere and continue to work. This show is just one step on what is a long creative path for me as an artist.

It's my first non-group show. I can't really call it a solo exhibit since Hannah is displaying her original photographs, too! This also makes it special. She and I share a passion for all things creative and getting to share in this experience has been exceptional. Although photography may not be as much her passion as singing, dancing, acting, and putting together great outfits with vintage clothing, she has a wonderful eye for how to frame a nice shot. As she wraps up her Junior year in high school and comes closer to “leaving the nest”, it becomes more apparent every day that I will only have more time in the future to devote to my art. That's bittersweet of course and I'm enjoying what time we get to spend together.

I hope you can make it by our artist reception on May 11th. It will be a time to celebrate a ton of hard work, creativity, and good friends. And not to forget the joy of being surrounded by lots of colorful artwork! Thank you for your support and kind words. Following your passion is one thing. Following your passion when you feel supported by good people is even better. ;-)

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