Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Richard Diebenkorn as Inspiration

Richard Diebenkorn: Girl on the Beach 1957 ...inspired...  Rebecca Lambing: Girl on the Beach 2013

I received a Richard Diebenkorn coffee table book for a Christmas gift last year. I do love his artwork. My colors and use of design and light can be similar. Edward Hopper was one of his influences, who I have also studied. My intent in showing these two paintings together is not to compare and judge, but rather to share how artists can be influenced. Diebenkorn's painting is more than four feet tall. Mine is 5" square. Sometimes a lot can be learned by mimicking another's successful painting, even in a small scale. My version would be considered a "study". It was created directly to learn from. Already I am close to sharing with you a new 36"x48" painting also influenced by Diebenkorn. As you'll soon see, though, it was more of a jumping-off point and the painting took on a life of its own.

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